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My Sunshine Chuck's Life Story...
He was such a God sent blessing! He, his father and I had many wonderful years together. ...and yes, Frank, I will always have that spot for you in my heart because you are the father of my only child that I could ever have. God bless you and your new family.

Mother's Poem

I think of you in silence,

I often speak your name,

But all I have are memories,

And your pictures in a frame.

Your resting place I visit,

And put flowers there with care,

But no one knows the heartache,

As I turn and leave you there.

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Little Kid Teaches You To Park @ Yahoo! Video
Leroy Troy and the Grandfather's Clock performed at the Museum of Appalachia This was the first year that I went to the Homecoming Event. I went back this year and everyone remembered me. I DO have a lot of friends there. Johnny Bellar wrote a song for me entitled "The Sweetest Smile I Have Ever Seen". I'll find a way to put it on here. This tune is on his CD called "Slide Bar and Grill". (He plays a resophonic guitar, Dobro if you wish, thus the name Slide Bar... Baby Gamecocks Born, July 31, 2009 by Melinda Sue Sligh (videos) 1:28 She laid 13 eggs. One fell out of the nest, but she hatched 6 or 7 BEAUTIFUL little chicks. Some are solid yellow and some different, but there is one who has a good bit of brown on him and a dark brown stripe running across the top of his head and all the way down his back. They are all soooo cute!

Chickens, Ducks, Gamecocks by Melinda Sue Sligh (videos) 1:45

Mama Gamecock and Baby Chicks Roosting High in the Tree by Melinda Sue Sligh (videos) 0:23 The Mama Gamecock is taking real good care of her baby chicks. She has taught them how to get up to the top of the tree and then she puts them under her wings to keep them safe all night...

Some Good Shots of our friends the Wild Turkeys by Melinda Sue Sligh (videos) 0:53 I wish I had a program to take out some still shots with their wings spread. I have a few "print screens" that I might be able to use.

Turkeys and more turkeys... Gamecock and 7 chicks in planter... by Melinda Sue Sligh (videos) 9:08 Trying to get pictures of Turkey Invasion... but TV is making noise, so I finally edge my way out the squeaky door and hide behind the car to take the pics.

(Judge Joe Brown playing on TV, LOL... taking pics from inside the house so as to NOT scare the turkeys away.)