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A Little Boy's Faith

Once there was a little boy whose faith knew no bounds. 
For you see, there was a wonderful gift that he'd found. 
His eyes were on Jesus and he knew of His love, 
He was so close to his Dear Friend and Father above. 
This young lad had been sick much in his life 
And he had learned at an early age of pain and strife, 
But his faith never faltered and he cared so much for others. 
Once when he was very sick and his mother cried, 
He showed once again, his angelic side.

For he sought not comfort for himself, but his mother - 

"I'll be all right, Mom, please don't cry, 
You see those raindrops falling down from the sky? 
God's crying, too. He's shedding tears for me." 
And as a tiny raindrop slid down his thin arm, 
He said, "Oh, Mom, I'll come to no harm. 
God's teardrop has touched me, and now I'll be well."
This little boy's faith, he never ceases to tell 
And to share with all those who care for and love him. 
For our Lord Jesus told us, "And a little child shall lead them."


Written May 27, in honor of my nephew 
Chuck Kerns' Birthday. 
Chuck was born with Cystic Fibrosis 
And has known much suffering in his short life, 
But he abounds with the faith and love of Jesus Christ.


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