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In life there are many mountains,
Godís children will have to climb,
Some are steeper than others,
Some easier you will find.

Sometimes the road will grow rocky,
Many things will stand in your way,
But if you trust in God the Savior,
He will always lighten the way.

Each mountain can be made smaller,
If only you believe and obey,
For God is always beside you,
To protect you both night and day.

I alone, had many mountains,
Some I thought I could never climb,
But each day God touched and blessed me,
Gave me courage, Love divine.

Then I came to my last mountain,
This was the greatest of them all,
And as I started climbing,
I could hear my Savior call.

Each step I climbed took me higher,
The mountain took on a new glow,
The world around me was shinning,
This was the end of lifeís road.

I had reached the top of Godís mountain,
There was the valley below,
At the end of the valley, a city,
With streets that glistened like gold.

I could hear the angels singing,
Then a voice I had once heard before,
There was God the Heavenly Father,
Waiting to open the door.

Why!  This was Heaven Eternal,
The home God had promised Iíd find,
Lifeís mountains all vanished behind me,
For this mountain God had helped me to climb.

By: Francis Coffman

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