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Graylen Cook's Bluegrass Music
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Graylen Cook & son, David
   Graylen Cook is a prolific songwriter with a rather unique way of looking at things! A talented multi instrumentalist, Graylen played most of the instruments on his project. Dobroist Barry Owings is on "Carolina Moon", and "I'll Never Be Sorry" while guitarist Joel Nielsen is playing lead on "Nothing I Can Say". George Icard played guitar and Ricky Wyatt played bass on "In Love, That's What I Am!" Many thanks to these friends for their help! Other than these few exceptions, everything is "ALL MINE!" which is also the name of the CD.

Graylen Cook: History of the Graylen Cook Project
 I have been a picker for many years. I started playing guitar in the 6th grade, banjo in the 9th. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some good musicians along the way. I have always tried to be playing with someone on at least a semi-regular basis, although groups come and go.

Now, I have decided that I will get my music into the hands of the public on my own terms, which means I will not be dependant on record companies. That's why I started my own label, which is called Lard Bucket Records. It's and old joke in bluegrass that someone on stage would say, "Here is our new song. It's out on the Lard Bucket Label." I always liked that joke, for some reason.

Anyway, although I have played music with many people, I have never been in a band that was just exactly what I wanted so I decided to create just that band. I wanted a band who could play anything from Bluegrass to Country to Western Swing, early rock to gospel. These are all influeneces of mine and each type of music had some great songs!

I played almost all the parts on "ALL MINE!" with the help of who ever was hanging around at the time. Barry Owings played dobro on "I'll Never Be Sorry!", while Joel Nielsen played guitar on "Nothing I Can Say (Or Do)". George Icard and Rick Wyatt played guitar and bass on "In Love, That's What I Am".

I played guitar, bass, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and keyboards on ALL MINE! I had a great time recording it. I hope you will enjoy listening to it!

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