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"Mr. Sherman's" Beautiful Work 

Museum Of Appalachia's Homecoming 2002

Melinda Sue

Melinda Sue

Melinda Sue Personal concert! JB & me!

Melinda Sue and John Who Caught the Big ONE? Ask ME, not John. :)


Johnny B's Fish Tale"Johnny B and Me" Johnny B & Melinda Sue  

                John Bellar aka "Johnny B"

One of my favorites is "Northern Lights", written and composed by John.

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My Sunshine, Chuck - Age 9

"Highest Hill" CD

Listen to "Highest Hill" Written for and about young Chuck by Brian Grooms, FledFive (For Brian's Website Link, Click on the FledFive Logo Below)

Most of the songs on this CD are written with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) in mind as is the title track, "Highest Hill." That song is about a boy named Chuck with CF that died at the age of 12 and had written on his tombstone, "Gone To The House On The Highest Hill."


Price: $12.00 (Includes Shipping and $2.00 Tax-Deductible Donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation)


Free E-Mail Service Pertaining To Cystic Fibrosis©

Fled Five © Brian Grooms, Composer/Vocalist

Lyrics "Highest Hill"

(Brian Grooms)


By His Son, I Claim My Place

Life's Begun, To Change Its Face

Be Happy. There's No Pain There

I'll Be Okay


I'm Goin' Away, Yes I Will

To The House On The Highest Hill

Father Awaits For Me There

He Has Many Rooms Prepared

On The Highest Hill


In His House, I'll Be At Peace

Looking Down On Your Valley

Be Happy, There's No Pain There

I'll Be Okay



(Prelude to Music Groove)

(Chorus x 2) The Highest Hill


~~~~ God Bless You And Keep You Safe Always! ~~~~

~~~~~~~Peace And Tender Blessings!~~~~~~~

Video of My Mother in her very best Pink, Pinking... ummm PICKING Peaches... Video of My Mother's Chickens (Gamecocks) given to her by her brother, Billy (Digger) O'Dell, left handed pitcher... & my Aunt Joan O'Dell, my very favorites. Aunt Joan, here is a link to my sunshine's pages... Chuck's Page Click Here


Johnny B