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Snowman & Sunshine
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This is a poem that my sister wrote about my son Chuck entitled:

"To A Little Boy Called Sunshine".

Melinda Sue

To A Little Boy Called Sunshine

You were such a precious little child
With manners especially sweet and mild.
Your smile touched all along the way
And its sunshine brightened the darkest day.
We loved you so, and we can’t understand
Why you weren’t allowed to become a man.
But God in His wisdom knows all things
And He knew the sunshine your life would bring,
So He gave you to us as a precious loan
Knowing someday He would call you Home.
Too early, we’d think, oh, how can we bear
The loss that at our hearts will tear.
But He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me”,
And I can picture you sitting upon His knee.
The smile on your face, the joy in your heart,
Now I realize that we’ll never really be apart 
For each time the sun is warm on my face,
I’ll know that it’s your heavenly embrace,
And in each ray of sunlight I’ll find that special smile,
And remember God’s gift of a beautiful child.




To Chuck Kerns
Love always,
Aunt Judy



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